Danielle Leigh Davis is a celebrity fashion & costume designer, that has been working in the fashion and entertainment industry for the last 14 years. She is also a senior artist (working with all the top stores and clothing companies in the US). Within the last 4 years, Ms. Davis has also started her own “Rock & Roll Couture” clothing and jewelry line.

Performance Costume & Wardrobe: Juanes (LA VOZ), Carrie Underwood (Stagecoach/Outfit), Milan Christopher (VH1 Love and Hip Hop LA), Lindsey Sterling (Kelly and Ryan Live), Yazz The Greatest (Hue Performance/Jacket), Boy Band ABC (Performance/Jackets), MTV/VMA Weekend Brunch (Outfit), So You Think You Can Dance -Fox (Performance-Punk Outfits), So You Think You Can Dance – Next Generation Fox (Performance/Gloves), Beyoncé Dancer-VMA’s 2014 Vanguard (Performance/Tops), America’s Next Top Model (Necklace), Passage of the Four -New Line Film (Costumes), Age of the Kali-Indie film (Costumes), Sinderella -Fashion Video (Outfits/Styling), Wrong House -USC Grad Film, The Chase -USC Grad Film, Unforgettable Celebrity Wedding Gowns -WETV & Kaos Entertainment (Bridal Sketches), God Of Vengeance (Play/Costumes), Runway TV (Video/Outfit), and Fashion TV (Video/Outfit).

Celebrities: Sean P. Diddy Combs-Sean John Line, Jennifer Lopez-JLO Line, Vera Wang-Vera Wang Princess Line, Lindsey Sterling, Ajiona Alexus, Juanes, Jade Hassoune, Brec Bassinger, DJ Caroline D’Amore, Michael Conner-Boy Band ABC, Andrew Bloom-Boy Band ABC, Milan Christopher, Yazz The Greatest, Kesha, Carmen Electra, Carrie Underwood, Tom Panye, India Love, Kat Graham, Lauryn Hill, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Meg Tilly, Chrissy Teigen, DJ Amazonica, Jax Taylor, Baddie Winkle, Gabourey Sidibe, Pia Toscano, Bebe Rexha, John Calley, Beck, Bruno Mars, Daniel Goddard, Shania Twain, Serayah McNeil, Jean Watts, My Crazy Girlfriend, Melissa Molinaro, Heart Hays, Samantha Marq, Ajuku Girls, Porscha Coleman, Aldae Long, Rosanna Tavarez, Brittney Palmer, Ashley Argota, Paulina Singer and Daisi Pollard -Miss Jamaica International.

Press, Blogs & Magazines: Schön, Vogue Taiwan, Elle Online, Cake Mag, Industry, Vulkan, Just Jared, Perez Hilton, Ohlala, L’Official Singapore, L’Uomo Vogue, Fall Up UK, Highlights-Hair And Fashion, The Kessel Runway, EnVie, Italian Vogue, Surreal Beauty Mag, Tinsel Tokyo, Runway, Noctis, Maxim, 944, Zink, Neux, OYE, Time Out NY, Apparel News, Vertical, I’M Image, KTLA, Kode, Elegant,Elements, She Knows, The Washington Post, 10 Ten, BPM, Fashion News Live, US Magazine, DeVour, Eurotuner, Sessions, Dark Beauty, Freque, Solis, LadyGunn, AOL Ent., Basic, Wall Street Journal, Afterglow, Just Jared, The Frisky, Sliver Mold Snow, Prez Hilton, Yahoo Music, ABC News, Galore, ABC Ent. News and Amika NYFW Destination Campaign.

Photographers & Videographers: Solmaz Saberi, Benjamin Askinas, Ben Duggan, Trang Nghiem, Troy Jensen, Francis Glen, Mark Oberlin, Sosa + A r t (Brandon Sosa & Arthur Galvao), Mike Harris, Viktorija Pashuta, Vaunn Yevo, Min Huang, Earl Levette Fulcher, Casey Rodgers, Matt Edwards, Tracey Morris, Oded Levy, Alessandro Voce, Theo Jemison, Catherine Asanov, Lasonic Sivongxay, Montana Vasquez, Shannon Laurine, Josef Jasso, Fidel Gonzalez, Michael Kahn, Paul Goodsin, Angelo Kritikos, Emily Soto, Sinatra Chan, Roneil Chavez, Madpics, Jamais Vu, Rachel Jeraffi, Arturo Evaristo, Sharon Mor Yosef, Joe Magnani and ACME Studio.